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Dr. Warshak's Telephone Conference Program

. In addition to conducting consultations in person, Dr. Warshak consults worldwide with clients by telephone. The time available for such consultations is extremely limited in order to allow Dr. Warshak sufficient time to devote to his research, writing, trial consultation, and pro bono work.

. To respond to numerous requests for telephone consultations, Dr. Warshak reserves one 1½ hour block of time per day, Monday through Thursday, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (CST), for his personal and individual Parent Telephone Conference Program (TCP). The TCP is available for only 46 weeks each year. These consultation slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The TCP is suitable for parents and grandparents who seek Dr. Warshak’s assistance with the understanding that he will not participate in litigation as a testifying expert witness.

. Upon request Dr. Warshak may use some of the time reserved to review documents (such as evaluation reports) prior to the telephone consultation, or, if necessary, allow a parent to reserve two TCP slots to allow enough time for review of material followed by discussion of materials reviewed.

. The TCP gives parents the unique chance to obtain individual, personal guidance and insight from Dr. Warshak about their family situation. Where there is a concern about children (young or adult) who are alienated or at risk of becoming alienated from a parent or grandparent, Dr. Warshak will offer his understanding of the situation and about how best to proceed to build or restore positive parent-child relationships. For parents involved in custody or access disputes, Dr. Warshak will suggest strategies to assist the parent in helping the court understand the relevant issues and remedies available.

. Dr. Warshak brings to his consultations more than 30 years of experience, with several thousand parents, as a clinical, consulting, and research psychologist. His celebrated skills and knowledge of his field are reflected in two books, one of which is the world’s best-selling book on parental alienation, in more than 40 articles published in professional books and journals, and in numerous cases throughout the world on which Dr. Warshak has lent his considerable expertise. Dr. Warshak has consulted on several cases that have resulted in precedent-setting judicial decisions.

. To determine whether any TCP slots are available within the time frame you need, to learn about the cost of the TCP, and to reserve a time slot, email Dr. Warshak with three preferred time slots (at least one week away from today). You will receive a response either confirming one of your preferred dates, or offering several options as close as possible to these, and instructions regarding payment for the consultation. Dr. Warshak regrets that he is unable to speak with every parent who seeks his help.

.  Please note that telephone conferences are not psychotherapy, are not intended as a substitute for therapy, and are not covered by insurance. Although Dr. Warshak is a licensed psychologist, he does not consider the coaching and advice he provides during telephone conferences as the provision of psychological services

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