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Welcome Back, Pluto – video download

WBP-DL - Welcome Back, Pluto (Video Download)World’s leading resource for children, teens, and adults suffering parental alienation.

Regain and keep the love of your children with this acclaimed powerful video for families facing potential or existing parental alienation. Children and teens learn how and why to avoid taking sides with one parent against the other. Continue reading

Benefits and Hazards of Involving Children in Custody Decisions – video download

30-benefits-and-hazardsOn this video, see and hear Dr. Warshak deliver what he considers one of his finest speeches. This entertaining and very well-received keynote address was delivered to an audience of judges, attorneys, and mental health professionals.

Dr. Warshak explains why and how children can make important contributions to custody decisions. But he
cautions professionals about the risks of damage to children and their families when children participate in custody Continue reading