Parental Alienation, Divorce, & Child Custody

Dr. Warshak’s e-LIBE offers downloadable resources on parental alienation, child custody, parenting plans, and relocation disputes for parents and professionals dealing with divorce and child custody issues.

A complete set of all items related to one topic—for example, parental alienation—can be easily obtained by adding a collection to the cart instead of ordering each individual item separately. For instance, if you click Add to Cart on the page for Parental Alienation Deluxe Collection, after checkout you will be able to download 18 items. Each item is also available individually.

The items in this e-Library are for your personal use only and may not be publicly disseminated, distributed, or posted in any forum. Any amount charged for downloads of papers is a service fee to help cover the costs of maintaining and updating this website. For papers that have been published in professional journals or books, the items in this e-Library are the final manuscript versions rather than the final published versions. A manuscript version is sufficient for most purposes. After reading the manuscript, if you intend to use these papers in litigation you may want the final published versions. Information about obtaining copies of the final published versions can be found on the first page of each manuscript or by clicking here.

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